US exit from JCPOA; a start to end of US leadership

US had invested on Iranian rhetoric on exiting the deal while it was only a hollow treat as they are good merchants an had weighted the cost/benefit pragmatically. With Iran remaining the US exit doesn’t yield what they miscalculated. If they insist the USD position in world trade would decline as well as the trust in US. The trust invested by the world in US has been the major reason for America being the first up now and the US undermines the treat from the decline in trust investment by the rest of the world that could change the world geopolitics scene. The trust started by military accomplishments of WWII but started to decline after Vietnam war and the later serial of defeats ending in Syria. Democrats tried wisely to change the trust symbol from militarism to wisdom in which US was considered the wise sage. JCPOA was the accomplishment which was symbols of the US continued leadership in a wise way. However, the militarist fraction couldn’t realize that it was the only way of continued US leadership and flow of trust to US. Like a big dinosaur struggling to remain the leader by his muscles but in a world of information that people had discovered the magic of dialogue.


Muscle based or Mind based word?

“First and most important, international relations are still based on power equations rather than rule of law or ethical principles. Complaining about this reality, as Iran does consistently, does it no good.” This is said in an article composed by a high rank university professor!

Yes, this is the first and the core message. But what about people like the author? Should they work in the same direction that creates wars around which claims lives of people like them or they could work toward a lasting reasonable, scientific and worldwide peace?
The author’s words is in fact paving the way for a continiuation of a muscle-based world management system which is based by dinosaurs which were extinct 65 my ago due to low investment on their brains. Why the same is not going to happen for US or any other muscule-based power? What about our stance as honorable wise human. Should we take the same side with dinosaurs? Isn’t our knowledge the real power?

Are world democracies real?

Yes! With no doubt Democracy is the best known system of management on eart. Protecting people’s power to come to governmental level. However, this remainsĀ  idealistic as always the money and power holders are restlessly working to turn the wheel in their favor. Look at the oldest and best known democracies now. US, UK and France. Is the peoples demand creates power in them? US people got tired of chain massacres now and then by guns that are made for war but are sold in cities! While the polls show what theĀ  people want but an asociation (NRA) is enough powerful to give every American the practical right to kill!