Religions and Militarism, Religion of Militarism or both ‘Fighting for Peace’?!!!

An interesting comparison between religion and militarism is made by William Astore here. Yes! they are a soul in two earthly bodies! The same of course in nature. If you borrow words from each one you will see that it works for the other as well as made in that article.

Maybe the initial prophets brought the message of Peace but the immediate owners of then ‘the industry of religion ‘ create a money cycle based on fear and then terror! And remains only a word of Peace to be fought for ! The eternal false dogmatic paradox of ‘fighting for peace’ which is the, shared slogan of both armies and religions!


The story of “The Gulf” and “The Straight” !

UK based reporters and authors have kept self-committed not to use the full name of the Persian Gulf in a degree that one of them coined a new term “Gulf of Hormuz” out of confusion!

Why not just referring to it as ‘The Straight’?! If that is ‘The Gulf’?! Maybe someday he or another UK author write a story beginning this way; ‘ Once upon a time, there was a Gulf, “The Gulf” and a straight, “The Straight” living beside each other peacefully!!!

The myth of pro-democracy west.

Many authors remind the western powers that their pressures on Iran would empower the hardliners. In fact this is the only means of projecting influence on Iran for them and they would not lose it in favor of a fully democratic Iran that the would have much less influence on. West only wants ‘influence’ and usually, a ‘democracy’ doesn’t provide it. See for instance how they are supporting Haftar in Libya and Sisi in Egypt and … If the help for democracy they have a coup plan in their pocket. For Iraq, they created the ISIS to do the work and when failed they are insisting on the removal of PMF because they have used to work with armies on coups around the world and a parallel force makes it hard to imagine! For Afghanistan, it is the same if the go out means that they have found a substitute for keeping the influence. That’s why they evacuated Iraq for ISIS but now with no treat for Iraq, the Yankees don’t want to go home!.

Private Militarism is the Problem of the Modern World! It is the sound of explosions or the coins in my box? This is the question!

It might be a norm until 100 years ago for a country to invade or conquer another. therefore having an army was a must practically. However, the world, as well as the human mind, is evolving and as we have found that our planet is round we have found that we will reach to the same place if we start moving to any possible direction! This is a simple reality which governs our world now. In fact, the majority doesn’t think of moving the borders anymore. Instead, we are thinking about the ways to remove them. So what are the functions of the armies and the big GDP they extract from humanity in exchange for giving destruction and death? Do we really need them? Couldn’t we reach to a worldwide pact giving all nations the insurance that their borders would not change unless their majority wants it? And of course in a democratic way?  There is a big barrier to realize this dream. The catastrophe is when the Military industries are in the hands of the private sector. It is worsened when there are means for them to lobby or pressurize the governments. So the natural consequence is that they will push the governments to “War” which for them it is translated to “Income”. And the “War” is not “Ugly” for those who have “Income” from it rather it might seem the other way! Each bomb or bullet explosion for them is more like the sound of coin dropping in their own box!

So if we want to have a place for our children to live the first step is to nationalize all the military industries around the world and then we could think of a new, environmentally friendly and mind friendly, world order that suits us as human beings. We might all agree that we have to move away from letting us being governed by the rule of the jungle! The rule of muscle!

The capitalism doesn’t invest in failure even if there is a tiny risk! It means “No war in horizon on Iran! “

Let’s make a clear prophecy. There would be no war at all. If the US administration needed the pretext to start it’s war it found more than one but realizing that it would be a hard one convinced them to avoid it. They don’t even think about it. “Capitalists never enter a war unless they are more than 100 percent sure that they would win it”!
However, they are trying to lure Arabs to do it themselves by a “Coalition” but really disappointing that they are such dumb not to have realized that if they were to do it themselves they didn’t wait for the US so long! US encouragement of middle eastern “DON QUICHITTES” is more like a joke! They are already stuck in their backyard ‘windmill’ and are not that much idiot to enter to a fire while their hand is already burnt by a matchstick! It was their trick was to lure the US to do the job and the administration can’t use the same trick for them! However, the edit people like to try everything again and again!
The sanctions are forcing the Iranian government to look toward its citizens and internal abilities and to start a two-way interaction with the commercial actors! The inflation passed the peak and already is in the path of decrease. Weak mony will help to keep the jobs at home and even bring back those exported before. The economy is going to stabilize and get used to the current situation and will start to flourish in around 6 months. Look at the economic signals from the stock market for instance. So if European actors think about their ‘traditional colonialism era gestures and treats’ they are fully delusional. The fact is that Europe is not an indispensable source of technology as 50 years ago and the Iranians struggling to keep the old relationship is only a matter of ‘mental addiction” with no a proportional real benefit. So if they want they can go to the end like the US did and get the enlightened bumping to the wall of the reality if they want. However, this attitude would be in benefits of Iranian people at the long run because the government will try re-approaching the people instead of the oil money which is only a source of corruption, job export and support for governments that lean to it instead of the people. So to make Iran stronger faster the best way is to continue in the oneway traditional way that they have managed till know!

“We will bring Iran to the negotiations table”?! Maybe better to bring your chair back to the old ‘negotiation table’ instead!

After a series of desperate actions leading to it’s drone, targeting seems that they have abandoned the idea of fighting for Arab sheikhdoms and Israel looking for a new substitute coalition of the rest of “desperate unwilling” group. And now they insist that they are trying to bring back Iran to the negotiations table! Funny, remembering that they were already sharing a multilateral table with Iran ‘JCPOA’. They broke their share of ‘table’ and the went out of the room! So it’s not necessary to waste energy while Iran is ready at the old table! Just bring your table back and start negotiation! However, from a lower ground! And this is the price for the ‘maximum pressure’ idea accepted from that ‘ coalition of idea’.

What is the price tag on the American Democracy; what about the rest?

If you ask anybody the question possibly you will hear that it is priceless! How about the price tag of a person’s honor? Yes! Priceless! So when you speak of a 250000000 democracy composed of cumulative of person rights an choices it remaines priceless. However, this is in the fantasy world of honorables! Ask a criminal or gangster to understand that you can set a price tag for any person, however, still a large portion remain priceless because they are not for sale!

So think about a big gangster who wans to buy the entire country’s will, should he pay the enormous cumulative price of all the people? What about those “not for sales”! The good news for those who are willing to do do is that it’s not that much expensive that you might thing. What about 1 $ per person? Eli Clifton shows that it is quite possible to buy a whole nation’s vote with this price tag. How? Simple, the good news is that you have to buy a limited number of people and the better news is that they already have known and cheap price tags! Even by 50000 $ per year many of the lobby people are ready to think the way you like (the are called Think Tanks, don’t now why but maybe because they will place the “Tanks” Where you “Think” they should be!). So go ahead before everybody knows how easy it is because then the prices may increase in a competitive market!