France; What could be ‘Hypocrisy’ in the Cult of ‘Liberty’.

The values of the republic of France. This is the most sacred item in secular France. Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood! It is supposed that no religion would have any place in governance. But what about the “Liberty” Cult that is getting the shape of a full religion? Seems contradicting? But wait! Let’s define the terms first. According to Oxford Dictionary a Cult is ‘a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object’. In fact, it is one step before a religion that is defined as ‘the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods’. And liberty is the almost sacred figure of devotion in French official cult.

However, the Equality and Brotherhood are not that much sacred at all. In fact, sometimes they are sacrificed for the supreme figure ‘the Liberty’. A sample comes in the shape of the support France governments show for extremism cases of liberty of speech and specially when it comes to Islam case. The right to ridiculize and radicalize is considered one of the most essential values of the republic! If one person is blasphemed, he/she has the legal right to sue the offender. Even if the blasphemed person is dead, still the right would remain in place for his/her relatives but if you blaspheme the father of millions, a cult, or a religion, you may be considered a hero! This is Brotherhood! When a journal caricaturing the prophet of “others” out of reasoning it is a right of expression but when one academic questions the Holocaust authenticity based on scientific reasoning he is attacked in the streets, fined and deprived of essential rights and demonized (See Professor Robert Faurisson and similar cases). And then a law is approved to limit the right to free speech in this particular case to create a dogma (Antisemitism)! This is Liberty and Equality!

This is the caricature of paradoxical situation of republic values in France! Void of all elements that it advocates! Clearly because;

It is not Secular; There is a cult called Liberty with some dogma supported officially by law.

It is not Liberal; The liberty you can enjoy depends on which side you are! And in special cases there are some dogma in place which you have no liberty at all to challenge even in an academic contex!

It is not Equal; Not a same level of liberty and respect for all communities!

and not an atmosphere of respect and Brotherhood noticeable! Some are allowed to kill their to-be-Brothers with some strokes of a pen freely.

It is a full Hypocrisy at all aspects!

It is a real caricature in essence! Maybe a Demo-crisy!

But not a caricature to laugh at, when we think why this radicalization is needed by capitalists to support their arm sale and militarism and wars across the planet. Not important how many lives should perish to feed the cycle!

Is Covid-19 a man-made virus?

Many among the scientific community have raised the fact of similarities between Covid-19 and HIV viruses. Professor Luc Montagnier, a Nobel prize winner was the first who made public that a protein in Covid-19 virus is originally borrowed from HIV virus. As they are not in the same family we can not imagine a natural way for such genetic transmission easily. That’s why they believe that it is a lab-made virus and the reason behind the similarities in symptoms of both raised by several medical authorities.

Another point is the high stability of it’s external protein structure that according to some studies can remain intact and virulent even after 28 days in room conditions. To my knowlege, we don’t have a natural virus in it’s family or even among other families of virus which could endure so long. In fact they become inactive as soon as they lose water which denatures their protein structure irreversibly.

Therefore, the lab, not only introduced a genetic code from one of the worst viruses ever known, but also has worked hard on its protein structure to make it long lasting, creating an never seen before epidemic disease which can have e forever peak!

And remember how US is loosing ground to China and if the virus acted in China as it did in US, now the trade war had turned in benefits of US!

And how the virus hit Iran, the other US enemy, which had much limited air connections to China comparing US and many others, so early and so hard. Suggesting that the virus had been released in two epicenters.

And note how fast Trump, a fragile person by standard to Covid-19 recovered in some days! This could mean that they were forced to use their already ready medication in an emergency state which could cost US a president!

So it could be the time to release that magic medication which they had made before spread of the virus. Before the next US election!

Not an October surprise at all!

کدام مذهب بر حق است؟ سوالی غلط برای رسیدن به جوابی همیشه غلط

بحث در مورد برتری ادیان و شخصیت‌ها و یا مقایسه میان آنها بیشتر موضوعی وابسته به سلیقه و احساسی است. در حقیقت موضوع بر حق بودن یا برتر بودن اشخاصی که هیچکدام را از نزدیک ندیده این و تنها داستان‌هایشان را شنیده ایم نه میتواند دینی را بر دیگری برتری دهد یا قابل مقایسه سازد و نه میتواند به ما در یافتن پاسخی برای سوالات زمانه خودمان کمک چندانی بکند.
برای نمونه اگرچه بنای آموزه‌های زرتشت بر گفتار و پندار و کردار نیک بود اما در ایران در زمان ساسانیان که مذهب زرتشتی رسمیت داشت، فساد در دین زرتشت به حدی رسیده بود که بر طبقه بندی اجتماعی جامعه صحه می‌گذاشت و بر قتل عام معترضین و دگراندیشان مثل مزدکیان و مانویان مهر تایید میزد و به عبارتی کاملا دینی حکومتی شده بود که با شعارهای سه گانه زرتشت نسبتی نداشت. وضعیتی که شیعه در دوره صفویه داشت یا الان در ایران دارد نیز کاملا مشابه است.
باید بدنبال پیدا کردن روش درست در زمان حال با الهام از تمامی بزرگان روشمند عالم از گاندی تا ماندلا تا زرتشت و محمد و مسیح و بودا و… بود. به این فکر کنیم که رویه و منطق پیشنهادی کدامیک برای کدام مشکل بهترین راه حل است و آن را برای آن مشکل بکار بگیریم… باید از بند کلیشه های مذهبی و اثبات حقانیت مطلق این و آن خارج شد و به دنبال روشهای مفید و اخلاقی برای امروز گشت که با شعار سه گانه زرتشت (که عصاره آموزه تمام ادیان دیگر هم هست) مخالفتی نداشته باشد.
هیچ دینی با شعار کردار بد، گفتار بد، پندار بد و یا حتی یکی از آنها در دنیا وجود ندارد اتفاقا همه در این سه مورد توافق اساسی دارند اما نیت های خوب و شعارهای زیبا هیچوقت به معنای کارهای خوب و درست نبوده و نیست!
روش منطقی و تفکر فعال است که میتواند برای مشکلات امروز ما را یاری نماید و نه شخصیت امام حسین یا حضرت زرتشت یا ….

Scientists who write in a journalistic manner!? The Triangle of War is Working

Please read the original article “Iran, the Unitary State” apparently trying to portrait Iran as a unitary state. And the other one in response. Which one is scientific? It could be science against science so much that each trying to prove absolutely opposite claims. Which one is based on fact and which one based on claims which are already beefed-up by RT based on unknown sources (Iran had attacked Aramco-which naturally remains a claim for a real scientist but the so-called scientists portray them as fact and even don’t mentions the ‘fact’ that they are still ‘claims’!), these journalistic claims are later being used by MIC think (for) tanks to cook bigger claims “Iran a Unitary State”. Apparently to demonize and legitimize further Militarism involvement in the issue. This is how the triangle of MIC, Media and to think (for) tanks Joint-venture works! The same way they did to the legitimate war on Iraq. Sadly, we realize it has been their usual everyday business concept for thousands of years! Making enemies go in war with!

From another aspect, generally, we can say that those trying to simplify issues as black and white are essentially far from being a scholar as the essence of being a scholar is to give attention to minor variations and differences. In fact, this is the attitude of journalists or those who want or are benefitted by serving emotions instead of wisdom. Back to the original article, you will see the answer in the affiliations of the authors. Both are affiliated with military-related institutions that are naturally getting more funds by such propaganda. Really disappointing how the people who consider themselves as scholars write against the science and in favor of emotions in a journalistic manner for the behest of their affiliated Militarists!

The Myth of a Pro-Democracy West: Why Democracy is good at home, but it is bad for our neighbor

Really disappointed when seeing a scholar mentions similar expressions to “What the U.S. has not yet learned is that bloodshed and misery do not beget democracy”!

Do our scholars really think that the west aims democracy worldwide?

Do the scholars make their analysis based on words instead of action? See numerous coups around the world in favor of authoritarians supported by them (US, France, UK). See Bolivia as the most recent one. While the president enjoyed popularity he was forced to leave because he was thinking of nationalization of lithium mines this time. And this was an unforgivable sin in view of Tesla investors who saw a boom in their shares after the coup there!

Democracy is only an arm to pressure other nations in the way they like! See the World Trade Organization as an example of pluralism in the economy which was initiated by them but now that they see that China is benefited more from it the are trying to nullify it by tariffs!
For Iran they don’t want democracy there, they dream of a dependent authoritarian regime like the Saudi and similar. West’s interests are not served by democratic governments from the East. That’s why they are practicing war with democracy there in action!
Democracy is good at home (because we ‘the capitalists’ have the means to manage it as we like!) But it is bad for our neighbor (because we don’t have the control that we like)!
This is the Fact of our planet in hand of big investors in Business, Militarism, and Media!

What are Turks seeking in northern Syria?!

Sometimes we may wonder if the Turks think before committing such adventures in northern Syria?! How do they make a cost-benefit analysis? Are they going to solve all their problems at once? They plan to address multiple issues at once! Sending refugees back to Syria but not their own homes, to Kurd’s homes! Creating a buffer region to put the problem that they created themselves (the collection of Turkish funded rebels branded as FSA ) inside and finish?! Putting an end to PKK ground connection to Turkey?  Is it really going to be that much simple?! If so the Israeli-Palestinian issue shouldn’t have become a problem of the century! How simplistic they see the issues?!

To understand you have to get familiar with their ‘academy of thought’. They sit and define a project, Then they go for it fast! no recalculations at all!; until they blow with their head to the wall! This is the only time that they do recalculations, then setting a new target, setting mind off and moving fast until the next obstacle and the next BUMP! If we look we could see the Turkish bumps easily… Shooting down the Russian plane, Coup in Turkey are samples of the stops that changed their course. However, they need big bumps in their Kurdish issue management and the Syrian crisis as well to make their minds ‘On’ again!

Focusing on humanitarian issues of war, by militarists; a bitter-joking

When seeing an article like this I wonder what to say… When we have a war business in place it means to be this way! There is no other possibility! The war industry doesn’t earn money if the soldiers were fighting by throwing flowers to each other, then it was good for the flower industry!

Neglecting the big picture and cause and focusing on emotional cases and begging and practically praising the war industry to allocate a tiny fraction of its profit to give some toys to its victims is more like joking, of course, a bitter one! It is like letting gangs free to kill and thanking them for picturesque tiny help to their own victims! It is really an upside-down crazy world!

Please turn off your brain compressor!

Look to a comment made on an analytic article regarding US-Iran issue published here;

Paul Feiffer writes, “war with Iran would make (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria) look like a walk in the woods.” But it seems that the Pentagon has responded to Trump’s demand for better options with two WMD (weapons of mass disruption/destruction) plans. One is the Nitro Zeus cyberwar plan, shutting down Iran’s infrastructure (Sanger, Sep 24), which offers the Iranian regime abdicating without a shot fired. Second is nuking 15 locations in Iran (Trump’s statement at Oval Office news conference with Australian PM last week), offering quick success without US casualties ( and a few million Iranians killed). Cyberwar is clearly the best option, so I expect Trump to do it. After all, Obama tried the world’s first cyberwar attack (Stuxnet) and it didn’t do the job, so Trump can show that only he can launch a really big successful cyberwar attack on Iran.

Seems the author is questioning the warmongering attitude in a sarcastic way but however it is the reality in the mindset of people not only from the US but all over the world and even we can find in our neighborhood! wonder how some people could only think of force as a magic wand! With the same mindset’ US entered Vietnam, then Afghanistan, then Iraq. The wisdom of Obama saved the US from Syria but for the people that their brain work is based on muscle and emotions ( obviously leading to pressure buildup and an urge to ‘do’ instead to ‘think’!) the wisdom is considered as an inutile brake pedal equaling fear!

When they are saved by the wisdom they don’t feel the relief as their mindset sees the victory only by bringing the opponent to his knee! You can move the mountains but you can’t make people change their mindset! They are dommed to retry all the mistakes they father’s committed again! When they fail they don’t question their initiative but they try to find the instance in which they have used less pressure than it should! Couldn’t they unplug their brain compressor an let the wisdom move a little?!

The Black matters while the Red not! European mediation in US Iran affairs?!

Europe’s role is closer to the ‘good cop’ rather than the mediator. How a mediator could make a conclusion based on the allegations of one side and without any evidence?! This is what they did by issuing a statement blaming Iran for a strike on Saudi based on what the think or guess is remnants of Iranian arms. A fully flawed conclusion based on in fact nothing. Even if they were Iranian arms there remains quite a long way to accusing Iran for the incident.

Really these leaders are not taught the basics of logic in their colleges or they are taught to play the stupid role whenever the felt lack of reason? This role-playing, however, couldn’t hide the degree of dependency, bias, and colonialism era traditions in their education, thoughts and decisions. Still, they dream to see the world from a ‘Victorian era’ window. Even when the ‘Victorians’ remnants (the Brexiters) are trying to get rid of them themselves!

They don’t consider their companies and governments guilty even with a knowledge that their arms is killing the people daily but they don’t hesitate to blame Iran based on evidence carved on ice?! The black oil Matters while the red blood nothing!

Religions and Militarism, Religion of Militarism or both ‘Fighting for Peace’?!!!

An interesting comparison between religion and militarism is made by William Astore here. Yes! they are a soul in two earthly bodies! The same of course in nature. If you borrow words from each one you will see that it works for the other as well as made in that article.

Maybe the initial prophets brought the message of Peace but the immediate owners of then ‘the industry of religion ‘ create a money cycle based on fear and then terror! And remains only a word of Peace to be fought for ! The eternal false dogmatic paradox of ‘fighting for peace’ which is the, shared slogan of both armies and religions!