Could it be any place for ‘Lies’ in a ‘Science’?

Political science or science of lies?

Nowadays, even drinking a bottle of water is done considering the science behind, w bye check all ingredients an make sure it is considered ‘ scientifically’ healthy. But when it comes to political issues and selections that could let our destiny and entire life become a smoke in the middle of the air, we let to be governed by lies made for money and muscle!

While the science created the worldwide change towards freedom why we let the politicians¬† make the crowd hypnotized that there’s no way for science and wisdome and ethics in politics?


Hasen’t come the time for change? If we want to save our planet from a looming ecological disaster the only way is to salvage the ‘Political Science’ which long has become the last stronghold for the ‘Worldwide Kingdom of Lies, money and war’.

Could it be any place for ‘Lies’ in a ‘Science’.



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