Muscle-based or Mind based world?

“First and most important, international relations are still based on power equations rather than rule of law or ethical principles. Complaining about this reality, as Iran does consistently, does it no good.” This is said in an article composed of a high-rank university professor!

Yes, this is the first and the core message. But what about people like the author? Should they work in the same direction that creates wars around which claims the lives of people like them or they could work toward a lasting reasonable, scientific and worldwide peace?
The author’s words are, in fact, paving the way for a continuation of a muscle-based world management system which is based by dinosaurs which were extinct 65 my ago due to low investment on their brains. Why the same is not going to happen for the US or any other muscule-based power? What about our stance as honorable wise human. Should we take the same side with dinosaurs? Isn’t our knowledge the real power?


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