US exit from JCPOA: A start to end of US leadership

US had invested on Iranian rhetoric on exiting the deal while it was only a hollow treat as they are good merchants an had weighted the cost/benefit pragmatically. With Iran remaining the US exit doesn’t yield what they miscalculated. If they insist the USD position in world trade would decline as well as the trust in US. The trust invested by the world in US has been the major reason for America being the first up now and the US undermines the treat from the decline in trust investment by the rest of the world that could change the world geopolitics scene. The trust started by military accomplishments of WWII but started to decline after Vietnam war and the later serial of defeats ending in Syria. Democrats tried wisely to change the trust symbol from militarism to wisdom in which US was considered the wise sage. JCPOA was the accomplishment which was symbols of the US continued leadership in a wise way. However, the militarist fraction couldn’t realize that it was the only way of continued US leadership and flow of trust to US. Like a big dinosaur struggling to remain the leader by his muscles but in a world of information that people had discovered the magic of dialogue.


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